Bitten - Kelley Armstrong
The book begins with the lovely Elena searching for a place to safely shift into her wolf form. You soon get an in depth look into the torture that takes place within Elena. Trying to deny her animalistic need and plunging her self into so called normalcy. She left her pack behind after feeling betrayed by her one true love, Clay (Clayton Danvers).

Desperately trying to suppress her inner wolf , she moves to Toronto and begins work with a popular newspaper. Soon after, she begins to create quite the double life for herself, living with her architect boyfriend, Philip Madden and sneaking into alleys in the middle of the night to shift, when she can’t hold the wolf at bay any longer.

When contacted by Jeremy Danvers (leader of the pack she turned her back on and father figure to Elena), he summons her back to the home she once new, Stonehaven. Finding that she can’t ignore Jeremy’s demands to help with an investigation pertaining to a local woman that was found murdered on Stonehaven’s land, Elena reluctantly returns to her former home.

Being face to face with her past and her ex-lover Clay, Elena is forced to embrace her the animal within…and the passion that still burns deep for Clay.

I definitely give this book 5 stars!

It’s a really great read!

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